In a Complicated Relationship

Earlier this year I posted “R U Mine” in hoping to find the perfect accessory for an Instagram post (channeling Chanel Oberlin in Scream Queens). Now that the year is coming to an end, it is sad to say that I still don’t have that perfect accessory. Maybe 2016 is not my year to have one or maybe I am destined to be forever alone (in my Instagram posts) – but what I realized is that maybe I don’t have that perfect accessory is because I am currently in a complicated relationship with fashion. Complicated because I have a love-hate relationship with shopping and sometimes (TBH) it’s tiring to always think how to look good every single day.

Middle of this year, I haven’t posted anything on the blog because I got lazy and decided to just post OOTDs in Instagram from time to time. I also got busy with my hobby of third-wheeling. That was the time when the Date Me! series was born when I posted pics of my fave couple mostly in Snapchat and now in Instagram Stories of them dating and me third wheeling. That was also the time when I realized to do a Date Me! Series Visual with my friend, Phoebe, featuring some of the trends in AW16.


No. 1. Asian street style influence has been huge this season.


No. 2. Back to basics but it was all about updating them, from material to detail.


No. 3. The blue and white stripe shirt is another favorite of the season. Doodle prints has been seen to support the SS16’s patches.

We only managed to do three parts for the series visual but here are some of my OOTDs that were posted in Instagram in celebrating this season:

P.S. We are on the last page of 2016 an it’s true that this year for realizing stuff (thank you Kylie Jenner). This year has been bittersweet for me and for most people I know. My friends and I had this talk about how this year was, and we can say that this year has “feelings” and realized most of that “feelings” is sadness. I had a very complicated relationship with this year. However, I am still grateful of the stuff that happened this year especially when I realized all the people I’ve met, both old and new, this year are awesome. 


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