Concrete Jungle


The world we are living in is getting more wild each day and so is fashion. Basics will always be a staple but this season is all about updating them – cuts, details, material and prints. It’s the season to make a bold statement.

I got an animal print sling bag from the Kenzo and H&M collaboration this year. It’s the first time that I have something in a very bold print. When I get something in over-all print, I usually have floral and maybe stripes and a little bit of polka; so when I used the bag for the first time, it took me 20 minutes before I ended up in an all black outfit.


I decided to have a little more fun with this bag when my friend, Em-Em, invited me for a streetwear shoot. As the bag being the hero for this look, I dressed up with a cotton high neck tee and a back print jacket paired with shorts. Finishing the look is a Lurex (this material is such a fave this holiday season) socks and a criss cross slip-on, both of us wanted to have something that is out of the box especially when you’re living in a laid back city.


Living in a concrete jungle. Kenzo’s collaboration with H&M this year is a collection full of bold prints that each piece has its own identity. The collection shows the beauty of mixing and matching – how these pieces can have a rhythm with each other and having a lot of fun with fashion (especially in the world of Kenzo). Same with living in a progressive city, it is for us to find a rhythm with each other. And yes, part of finding that rhythm is whether you decide to stand out or just blend in.




To see more of Em-Em’s street-style photos, follow his Instagram (@lufnis)

Photographed by Em-Em Ybanez. Top, Jacket, Socks H&M.Shorts, Uniqlo. Bag, Kenzo x H&M. Slip-0n, Call It Spring . Shot in Cebu City, Ph.


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