It’s so 2015


New year, new trends. Welcoming each year will always be about getting rid of the old and starting something new. But it’s not all about goodbyes, some things are just too good to let go. Instead those things influences us in improving ourselves. So here’s some 2015’s trends + life experiences that I’ll be bringing with me this year:

Selfies. The year of selfies. Interview magazine’s September issue covers were selfies. It was selfies everywhere. Even though I don’t upload my selfies in Facebook, they’re all in my Snapchat and Instagram (thepetiteboy) and my phone’s gallery. I find selfies a fun way to channel how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us. A piece of advice though, don’t post too much.

Statement Prints. Last year everyone was making a statement. Social media made way for each of us to express our opinions and be heard. Fashion also joined in making a statement as streetwear was filled with typographic prints (including Emoji’s). Plus, it is a great time now to buy last season’s trends since almost all stores are having their end of season sale. Just keep in mind end of season sales will always be a trap.

Adulting. Most of my friends were out of school last year, including me. Everyone had their own jobs, living the real life and searching the web on “How to Adult”. 2015 was a great year for me to grow and learn from great experiences. All I can say that life being an adult goes with the statement sweatshirt I wore in my selfie, Cool Look, Good Luck. It is just how you balance everything. #AdultingVsFashion

Statement sweatshirt, Mango.


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