Oversized Summer Ahead

The first three months went very fast that it is now April — which means its summer. Well not for me yet. I am still working on my thesis and hopefully after May I can have a real oversized summer vacation.1

The sun’s heat is really intense now, maybe because of global warming plus it’s the hottest season of the year. It is really hard to find something comfortable to wear when most of your [my] clothes are dark. In my case, I am on the process of editing my clothes so I have to stare on my closet for a couple of minutes before I can decide what to wear.

My ‘summer [casual] look’ is wearing an oversized shirt and pairing it with anything comfy, well mostly shorts and slippers. This printed shirt was one of my last thrift shop finds and I have worn this just once or twice before. I found this recently while looking something to wear. This shirt is perfect! It is made of tailored light cotton  which is perfect for the season. It is time for this shirt to be worn again.



Being a tropical island means that throughout the year we have an oversized summer season. Summer dressing is something we can do everyday here in Cebu. For me, just make it light  make it effortless.

Printed Shirt, Thrifted. Shorts, Gap. Flip-flops, Havaianas | Photographed by Phoebe Espejo Assisted by Marben Lawas


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