Obscure Ones


Being an art student, I [we] are often told to have our own world. No, it’s not true. We all live in the same world but each of us perceive the world differently. For creatives, we always look for beauty in everything we see everyday – even spazzing on a newly redesigned packaging of Jollibee cup found on top of a trash bin. Well, this is  one of the weird habits of being a creative.

There are many things that stereotype people. Here are some myths about the creatives:


Only listens to ‘undiscovered’ music. One assumption on creatives is to enjoy tunes which are not that familiar with the mainstream pop songs being played on the radio. All of us have our own favorite genres and artists whether it is on the mainstream or not. But one thing is for sure, we all have a guilty pleasure playlist which we listen while we work on our projects. Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande surely keeps awake during the wee hours.


Introverts. Not all are – well most are. There are also extroverts and I am one of them. The last time I took a personality test the result was I was an extrovert. I also observed that creatives became extroverted at one point in their lives especially when business and art is merged for the field in Advertising Arts. Ideas need to be properly pitched!


Live an artsy and posh lifestyle. As a creative, every detail matters especially when it comes to design. We want everything to pass our aesthetic standards on whatever we buy – food, soap, toothbrush, etc. Well yes, it is true that we look in every detail but creatives struggle too. We live with what we have just to survive everyday.

To know more how diverse our world are, Obskvra: Fest of the Obscure gathers everyone, creative or not, to a day of food, music and art this March 21, 2015 at the Chillage.

Enjoy the sounds of these local bands, indulge with good food, meet new people, create new circles. Let’s celebrate diversity together. Ticket prices are at Php 200 with free beer. For information and queries, please do visit their Facebook page here.

Photographed by Ekim Mañacap


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