Carolinian Fashion Week


Our school, CAFA, is a place where young artists and designers are trained for the real world. The Fine Arts program has four major courses like Painting, Advertising Arts, Cinematography and Fashion Design. I am currently enrolled in the Advertising Arts program and I want to work as a creative director for a magazine – especially fashion – after I graduate. To reach my goals, I accept and work on projects that closely relates to my interests. One of these projects is the rebranding for the Carolinian Fashion Association, where I was the art director for the advertising and promotions. I accepted the job as a support to the rising fashion talents. During the whole preparation process, I was mostly absent, especially on the shoot due to my academic requirements, but I think I have done my part as the art director.

CarFW (2)

CFA‘s rebranding was launched during the Carolinian Fashion Week. The launching was a week-long event where it opened with a fashion show flash mob and ended with another fashion show showcasing designs from the current students, alumni and some of the instructors. The people were encouraged to wear fashionable clothes during the washday to show support for the campaign. Above are my OOTDs during the week to show my support, not only to CFA but to the soon-to-be rising fashion industry in Cebu and the Philippines. I can see that our country is going to be globally competitive in the field of fashion. Take for example Furne One, who is a Cebuano designer that established a world-renowned brand, Amato Haute Couture.

For the recap of what happened during #CarFW, here is a video with the event’s highlights.

Left: All clothes from Levi’s. Photographed by Phoebe Espejo. Right: H&M Top. Terranova Cotton Pants. Happy Garaje Tote Bag (see post here). Roshe Run Woven 2 (See post here). Photographed by Ekim Mañacap. Video by Niegel Delima. Creative Team: Christianne Tampos and the whole CFA officers, Ekim Mañacap, Niegel Delima, Aya Jugalbot.


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