And This Is How It Starts


It was 20 days ago when Jazzie and I spent our weekend in the capital to have our mini adventure together. It was our first time to travel alone together. We booked this trip last October to watch a concert and we just wanted to escape from our busy schedule. After months of planning and waiting, the day we’ll have our adventure finally arrived. But before we left Cebu, we secured to meet all our deadlines in order not to think of stuff.

We’re dressed in black from head to toe.


All we packed up for our two day trip were all monochromatic pieces to channel The 1975‘s signature style. Days before our flight we planned more on what we’ll be wearing from the airport to the concert. The band is also one of the inspirations of this blog.

The first thing we needed to do after we arrived in Manila was to get some sleep and prepare for the concert on that night. Our taxi ride was really scary not because the driver was planning to trick us, but the driver was dozing off half of the time while driving along EDSA. We don’t know what to do to help him stay awake – talking was an option but it is advisable not to for safety purposes. Thankfully we got to our destination safely.

We’ll go where nobody knows.




It was noon time when we headed to MOA for the concert. We stopped in Trinoma to meet her sister and have lunch together. From there we rode the MRT and my first time wasn’t that bad at all. They said if we travelled during the rush hour, I would not want to ride the train again. We arrived at MOA at around 3:00 pm and the concert was not ’til 8:00 pm. Since we were hours early so we explored the mall, rode some rides at the Bay and met with Pat and Dave who were also watching the concert. We lined up at around 7:30 pm and when we got in, the band shirts were SOLD OUT! I was little bit saddened, but hey more shopping money for the next day.

Eyes bright, uptight.


Waiting for the band to come out was really exciting. While the stage was being set up the crowd can’t wait for them to start the show. It was around 9:00 pm, I guess, when the show started and the band opened it with ‘The City’.

2015-01-24 11.53.33 1

We’re losing our words, we’re speaking in bodies. We screamed, sang and danced with the beat. It was really them, from the set up to the lights. It felt surreal that we are in the same room with Matt, George, Ross, Adam and their new member, John and we were listening to them live. What makes it more surreal is when Matt said his favorite song was ‘Fallingforyou‘, which is also my favorite song from them.

Heart out

So far, it’s alright. Half-time through the show, Matt joked about playing their last song of the night. The crowd [we] started to scream ‘We want Sex!’. After they performed “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You“, the crowd continued to scream for ‘Sex’, then he replied, ‘You have no idea‘, then they performed the rest of their setlist and ended the show with ‘Sex‘. We planned to have a night out after the show but we don’t know where to go. So we stayed for a while before Pat and Dave went to the airport and us to go home and get ready for Day 2.

If you wanna find love then you know where the city is.


Day 2 was for shopping! First on our list was to visit H&M. Their fist store in the Philippines opened last October in Megamall and its opening was a bang. We would not miss it so we headed to Megamall to see what’s in the SM Mega Fashion Hall. There were a lot of fashion brands and some fancy restaurants were there too and luckily, everything was on sale that time. We would’ve love to try out stuff but we needed to hurry up to catch our flight going home.


We got carried away with our shopping that we forgot about the time. It was already 5:00 pm and our flight will be at 7:30 pm. We needed to be in the airport on or before 6:45 pm to check in (cause I didn’t checked in online) and we are 1-2 hours away from the airport depending on the traffic. We were running from Building B to Building A to buy D’Original Jamaican Patties, as our pasalubong. Fortunately there was no traffic in EDSA and we got to the airport at exactly 5:30 pm, just in time for us to check-in.

It’s hard to say bye-bye.


On the flight going home, we watched clips from the concert. The two-day vacation was really amazing and we survived two days of travelling alone. Going back to Cebu means that we are to face our responsibilities again but we are home. The 1975 said they are coming back after their second album and we can’t wait to see them live again. We promised ourselves that there will be a next time and it will be a bigger adventure.

I would like to thank Jazzie’s family for adopting me for two days. Sorry for the low resoulution pictures, those were screen grabs from our video documentations.


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