New Game

Hello 2015! We just bid goodbye to 2014 and all I can say is that it was a great year. It is now time to move on to a fresh start and look forward to greater adventures in this coming year.


To start off this year with a post, first up is my new game. Two years ago I started to buy one black shoe every year that will serve as my comfort shoes. In the past two years I got canvas sneakers and chucks. Last November, I bought these Nike Roshe Run Woven 2 right after I got my pay. I think this is a perfect piece for my fashion direction this year which is a mix of high-end minimal streetwear and workwear. These are not my first Roshe Runs – my first is a colorful Woven 1. I find Roshe Run comfortable and easy to wear with my style. I prefer the woven design because it has a unique look that make the shoes stand out.


January is here and the Sinulog festival will be happening very soon. I’m still not sure if I can go out on that day because thesis first but I can’t wait for the 24th to see The 1975. The concert is the first of my adventures this year and I am looking forward for more great adventures this year!

Nike Roshe Run Woven 2 in Black



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