The Petite Boy - Effortless_1Being a Cebuano means that we take fashion effortlessly cool – we just wear whatever is comfortable. This gave me an idea to my ‘Carefree and Effortless Look’.

The look is inspired by the normcore trend and adding up it up with my personal style. I first experimented on this look one washday in school when we were all tired to get up for our 7:30 am Math class. Since then I would try to dress in a more effortless way.The Petite Boy - Effortless_2 The Petite Boy - Effortless_3

The key to get the look is to go for the basics. I got a plain tee and finished it with this cardigan that I bought in Baguio last year. I wore the cardigan in a way that it has an effortless attitude on it. The Petite Boy - Effortless_4

Photographed by Phoebe 


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