Sweet Piggies in the City

Imagine your cupcake infused with meat products. What would it taste like?

Order Form1-01

The Fat Pig Homebaker (TFP), an online cupcake store, has a quirky twist to the usual cupcake – the little piggies, which is what they call their cupcakes have meat in its ingredients. The owner,  a dear friend of mine, came up with this idea out of the love of baking and boredom. He observed that there are many who are selling cupcakes here in Cebu but the flavors are more or less the same. Why offer the same thing?  TFP is now open to give Cebuanos a new cupcake experience.


Weird but interesting. This was how I reacted when he introduced the idea to me. It is weird because it is not usual to eat dessert with meat on it. Is it even considered a dessert or what? Haha. But, it was very interesting. I was curious as to what it would taste like. Would the flavors even blend together?


My personal favorites are: (1) French Toast, which is topped with chocolate dipped bacon; and (2) The Early Bird, the perfect breakfast food for me, Chocolate cake with bacon, ham and cheese and a boiled quail egg on top. Sweet heavens! The BBQ Pulled Pork and Chorizo Cupcakes are also a must try for meat lovers.


The Fat Pig Homebaker also offers classic cupcakes. They have a S’mores Cupcake, Southern Red Velvet, Chocolate Mud Pie and Vanilla Bean.

If you’re wondering how much these piggies cost, they are a whole lot of an affordable bunch. A box of three piggies costs Php 150 and if you get a half dozen or a dozen piggies, you can get more savings. Oink! You getting one?

Like the TFP on Facebook for info on how to place your orders and follow TFP on Instagram @thefatpigph for sweet updates.

Photos by Phoebe Espejo


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