Campus Comeback (The Maze Hipzone’s Back-to-School Campaign/Lookbook)


Whenever the month June is mentioned, it does not only mean the rainy season but it means summer’s done and school is just around the corner. It is been a week or two or three since school started (in my case, it was a week ago or officially it started this week) and I feel old since this is my last year studying.

School is Cool – The common phrase we always encounter when we say school. Maybe because the words rhyme or school is just cool. Nevertheless, the quote is what inspired the campaign / lookbook for The Maze Hipzone. Bringing back the cool from the 90’s to match every school girls’ personality is the key to show the confidence of every campus girl.


For the full lookbook, click here

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Creative Directions Gio Ocampo (me)
Photography Phoebe Espejo
Styling Jazzie Gonzales
Hair and Make up Benj Sempio
Models: Carmela Perez & Samantha Tenedora

Special thanks to Ms. Carla Adlawan, our Art Direction teacher, for giving us this project and to ong Elnar for the copy.


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