So I have decided to post something black (or white) every month since this palette is the color for my wardrobe and everything.

June 1

The first thing that I will feature is this Bomber Jacket from Topman. I found this jacket during my one week of shopping because I deserve to shop after months of hard work. It caught the attention of my mom and she suggested me to buy this rather than the one I had chosen first.

I am not a fan of bomber jackets because I don’t know, just not a fan of it. There’s this Burberry Bi-Color Metallic Bomber Jacket which I really loved when I saw it on a page of a magazine and I looked for a jacket that looks like one but I gave up. What made me buy this jacket are (1) of its material, mesh, which is makes it unique, (2) it can be styled in multiple ways and (3) my mom offered to pay for it if I take this instead of the other one. Haha.

June 5 More

June 3

To complete the look, I wore a Campbell’s Soup Logo Tank Top underneath it. A bomber jacket + tank top combination is perfect for a day that may change quickly from a cold rainy morning to a hot sunny afternoon. I can just hang it on my shoulders if it gets colder or just tie it on my waist if it gets warmer.

June 6

June 2 BW

Photos by Phoebe Espejo


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